Prof. Mitali P. Wong

Prof. Mitali P. Wong
B.A. (English)

Calcutta University

M. A. (English)

Calcutta University

Ph.D in English

University of Manitoba in Canada

Department of English

Claflin University

The James E. Hunter Award

For Excellence in Teaching in 2001

The South Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Award

For Excellence in Teaching in 2015

Her Publications are
  • The English Language Poetry of South Asians (2013), Politics and Tropes in Renaissance History Plays (2006).
  • First Author of The Fiction of South Asians in North America and the Caribbean (2004).
  • Senior editor of The Changing World of Contemporary South Asian Poetry in English: A Collection of Critical Essays (2019), and second author of Sri Lankans' Views on English in the Colonial and Post-Colonial Eras (2020).
  • published articles on Canadian poet Robert Kroestch, Christopher Marlowe, Bengali films, Bharati Mukherjee, Chinese writer Zhang Jie, Dhan Gopal Mukerji, and race relations in the poems of contemporary South Asian American women poets.