Certificate course on Entrepreneurial business management for non-business students


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Certificate course on Entrepreneurial business management for non-business students


  • Concept & Definition of business
  • Characteristics of Business


  • Business as a separate entity
  • Partnership business
  • Proprietorship business
  • Types of businesses

Personal documents required for business set up

  • PAN
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank account
  • Voter card
  • Additional documents

Business documents

  • Trade License
    • Documents required for trade license
    • Process of obtaining trade license
    • Advantages of trade license
  • GST Certificate
    • Advantages of GST registration
    • Documents required
    • Process of GST registration

DIC registration

  • Advantages of DIC registration
  • Process of Udyam registration

Concept of Separate entity of business

  • Concept of Capital;
  • Classification of Capital
  • Sources of Capital.


  • Concept of Revenue
  • ‘Revenue from sale of goods’ and ‘Revenue from rendering of services’;
  • Classification of Revenue;
  • Calculation of Revenue ;
  • Relation between revenue and cash inflows.


  • Concept of cost;
  • Classification of cost – Fixed cost and Variable cost;
  • Relationship between Costs & Expenses;
  • Relation between cost and cash outflows.


  • Concept of business profit;
  • Classification of Profits;
  • Calculation of business profit;
  • Concept of Retained Earnings (i.e. ploughing back of profits);
  • Differentiate between Business Profits and Personal Income.

Introduction to Banking System

  • Historical Overview

Indian financial system

  • Overview
  • Current Scenario
  • Future scope

Why Banking?

  • Importance
  • Advantages of opening and maintaining a Bank Account

Different Types of Bank Account

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Overdraft Account

Procedure to open a Bank Account

  • Process / Steps
  • Personal information required
  • Documents required

Knowledge of Banking Kits

  • Passbook
  • Cheque Book
  • Debit Card

Module_2.4- REVISED_FBP_1.2


  • Basic concepts of production and inventory and meaning
  • Different types of inventory: raw material, work in progress, finished products
  • Different types of production: job contract, manufacturing, process, assembly

Raw Materials

  • • Preliminary ideas
  • Types of raw materials
  • Need and importance
  • Managing raw materials [VED, JIT etc.]

Work In Progress

  • Definition & Concept
  • Difference between work in progress and work in process

Finished Products

  • Basic concepts
  • Types of Finished Products
  • Valuation and its importance
  • Managing Finished Products [FSN Analysis]

Cost Of Inventory

  • Concept of Inventory cost and its significance
  • Different methods of inventory valuation [FIFO, LIFO etc.]


  • Definition & Concept
  • Different types of Market in terms of location


  • Definition & Concept
  • Importance
  • Marketing mix


  • Concept
  • Classification of Products
  • Product mix- Products length, width & depth

Pricing of a product

  • Concept
  • Objectives of Pricing
  • Types of Pricing


  • Concept
  • Ways of placement
  • Distribution channels


  • Definition & Concept
  • Promotional Tools
  • Steps to join in Government promotional programme

Challenges in Marketing

  • Challenges in formulating the marketing mix
  • Challenges in the Business environment
  • Challenges in the current scenario

Different distribution channels

  • Types of Distribution channel (B2B, B2C etc.)
  • Middlemen in marketing
    • Concept
    • Importance
    • Problems

Usage of Internet in Marketing Activities

  • Advantages & Disadvantages
  • Importance of Internet in Marketing Activities

Electronic Commerce

  • Concept
  • Evolution of E Commerce in India
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of E –commerce
  • Importance and Prospects of E –commerce

Social Media

  • Concept
  • Emergence
  • Advantage & Disadvantage of Social media in Marketing

Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

  • Examples of social media platforms and its usage to sell in international markets
  • International Marketing via Social Media


  • Meaning & Concept

Importance of quality in business success / sustainability

  • Retaining customers
  • Referral customers
  • Reduction or minimization of rejection or return
  • Manage productivity, profit and sale optimisation
  • Long term success of the business leading to sustainability
  • Sustaining a small business

Stages of quality management in skill based trade

  • Quality Planning
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Control
  • Quality Assurance

Quality management leading to brand value

  • Determine target customers
  • Brand statement, logo, image, market segment
  • Brand Marketing in media

Importance and benefits of branding as a mark of quality

  • Customer recognition
  • Competitive edge in market
  • Easy introduction of new product
  • Customer loyalty

Time Management

  • Meaning
  • Importance
  • Benefits
  • Consequences of wasting time

Key elements of time management

  • Set measureable goals
  • Prioritize
  • Delegate when necessary
  • Time Study (Techniques & cases)
  • Work Study (Techniques & cases)

Managing business time from family time

  • How to balance?
  • Importance of work life balance
  • Consequences of no work life balance


  • Concept & Meaning
  • Introduction to export markets
  • Importance of maintaining quality in exports

Why an artisan may think of exporting products

  • Benefits to the artisan
  • Benefits to the nation/economy

Lucrative Export Markets for Indian handicrafts

  • Major Countries
  • Key Statistics
  • Demand for type of products specific region wise

How to Export

  • Preparatory Steps
  • Methods of Soliciting Export Orders
  • Fact checks before execution of order

Government Schemes for promoting export

  • Guidance and Assistance by:
    • Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts
    • West Bengal State Export Promotion Council
  • Incentives for export of goods
  • Government schemes leading to growth and success of business (cases)


  • Definition and concept: Schumpeter and Shane and Venkataraman
  • Characteristics of Entrepreneurship
  • Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • Entrepreneurial characteristics

Innovation, Invention & Creativity

  • Concept & Definition
  • Sources of Innovation
  • Types of Innovation
  • Importance of Innovation in business
  • Entrepreneurial Innovation Theory by J. Schumpeter

Effective communication

  • Concept
  • Requirements for effective communication

Effective presentation

  • Concept
  • Requirements for effective presentation


  • Concept
  • Importance
  • Ways of digitalisation

Marketing Strategy

  • Mass marketing
  • Niche marketing
  • Specialised marketing
  • Individual marketing
  • New market exploration

Decision making

  • Concept
  • Locus of control & Risk taking
  • Types of decisions
  • Decision making process (Quantitative & Qualitative decision making)

Risk management

  • Concept
  • Type of risks
  • Risk Management process

Time value of money (NPV)

  • Concept
  • Calculation of NPV

Business plan and business model

  • Concept & definition
  • Pre-requisites of a business plan
  • Need for developing a business plan
  • How to develop a business model?
  • Effective business models
  • John Kao’s model of Entrepreneurship
  • SWOT Analysis

Investments in business

  • Concept
  • Sources of investment
  • Pitching for funds and grants
  • Effective ways of acquiring investment

Networking and negotiations

  • Concept
  • How to develop business networks?
  • Importance of effective networking
  • Effective negotiation techniques

Contemporary business models

  • Concept
  • Classification

Project management & operations optimisation

  • Concept
  • Process of Project Management
  • Tools for effective project management
  • Tools for Operations optimisation

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship

  • Concept
  • Characteristics of Social Entrepreneurship
  • Characteristics of Environmental Entrepreneurship
  • Current scenario & cases

Impact management

  • Concept
  • Process of Impact Management
  • Importance of Impact Management